Lake Forest Community Association


How do I submit a question or request to the board?

Please submit all requests/questions via our online ticketing system. Once a request is received it will be distributed to the appropriate Board member(s) to address your inquiry within 72 hours. You will be able to see the status of your ticket through your ticket confirmation link.

How do I update my contact information for LFCA communication?

When are LFCA annual fees due?

HOA Dues Remittance is April 1st each year.

I’m selling my home and need HOA Resale Documents

Please submit a request via our online ticketing system. Please allow 72 hours for the LFCA Board to respond to your request. HOA Resale Documents are typically provided back to the requestor no later than 5 business days after request has been received.

How do you become a Board member?

Board positions are reviewed annually during the LFCA Annual Meeting held in June of each year. The LFCA Board is composed of nine (9) board members that serve 3-year terms. Open positions will be presented during the Annual Meeting. Any interested member of our neighborhood may nominate themself for an open position during the Annual Meeting. The Board will vote on nominated individuals during the July Board meeting.