Lake Forest Community Association

Lake Forest Community Association Documents

LFCA Architecture Review Committee

When planning certain exterior changes (described further below) homeowners should submit a fully completed Application for Exterior Change via the LFCA website. The Board aims to consider all homeowner submissions in a timely manner, and particularly those applications that have deteriorated or damaged pre-existing items. 
Homeowners are encouraged to become familiar with the HOA Architectural Standards.

Quick ARC Facts

  • Consistent with the standards, exterior colors of roofing materials, siding or trim should be complementary to the colonial theme of LFCA. 
  • Hardscaping and landscaping should not result in water runoff and drainage issues for the neighboring lots or LFCA common areas.
  • Fences shall not exceed 4.5 feet in height. Waivers have been granted for replacement of Lake Forest Builder installed fences, fences parallel to the Fairfax Parkway and Huntsman Court (Giant Food Access Road), and homes with Swimming Pools that present an “attractive nuisance risk” to children. Homeowners with fences that exceed the standards (absent an approved “Application for Exterior Change”) are at risk of incurring additional expenses prior to selling their home, including removing or modifying perimeter fencing to conform to the LFCA Architectural Standards.
  • Replacements of roofing, decks, front doors, windows, garage doors, and mailboxes do not require ARC approval although homeowners are strongly encouraged to send an email if they have any questions.

Community Covenants

All of the below in one document

Deed of Dedication

Metes and Bounds Description

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Protective Covenants and Restrictions